Corporate brand
  • Today, corporate photography is necessary for businesses of all sizes to:
    — formulate your ideas and values,
    — declare your uniqueness,
    — get to know your client better, build trusting relationships with him,
    — and as a result, increase the brand value, and hence the cost of products and services.

    Corporate shooting structure:
    1. Portraits of company employees
    2. Workflow
    3. Branded details
    4. Interaction with the client
    5. Office and workspace
    6. Professional features

    Each business, in each area, has its own characteristics, which I always take into account in the preparation and process of shooting.

    If you want to tell about your brand, visual language is still the fastest and most accessible language in today`s media.

    Duration of the photoshoot — 2-4 hours.

    You will receive — 50 / 100 the most succeeded, professionally edited photographs

    300 / 600 € (+alv)

Brand identity
  • Visual identity and the attributes of the company.

    In other words, the logo and the unique style.

    The basic package includes the following items:
    1. Logo design 3-5 options, with examples of use on advertising surfaces
    2. Corporate colors
    3. Corporate fonts
    4. Business documentation, envelopes, printing
    5. Private and corporate business cards
    6. Signature ornament
    7. Basic layout of social networks.

    600 € (+alv)

Key visual
  • In the commercials, a central figure creates the link between you and the consumer. With only one picture (or storytelling), it catches attention and delivers the point of your message.
    The picture may be drawn, photographed, created from paper, built from sand or grilled. Whatever the case, I promise it will work for you.

    500 € (+alv)

  • Illustration in several styles on demand.

    The service may include:
    — Illustrations for any type of commercial material
    — Character development
    — Accessible and catchy infographics
    — Storyboards
    — Illustrations for books or multiple page products

    from 150 € (+alv)

Personal brand
  • Today everyone has a personal brand. It consists of different segments — areas of activity, appearance, empathy... In particular, the brand is formed daily in social networks, whether we like it or not. The easiest and fastest way to manage this process in the media is, of course, visual.
    I will select a unique style, images and locations for shooting so that your personal brand / blog does not remain in the shadows.

    Duration of the photo shoot — 1-2 hours.

    You will receive — 40 the most succeeded, professionally edited photographs

    250 €